RICH BIT | What do you want for Christmas 2018?

rich bit what do you want for christmas 2018

Seeing that the new 2019 is coming, will you have any gains in the past 2018? If you implement it step by step according to the pre-planned plan, it will definitely be more or less rewarding, such as promotion and salary increase, year-end bonus, and network expansion. In addition to these expected aspirations, there are some important festivals that cannot be ignored. In the last month of each year, there is a festive and joyful festival. It is said that there will be Santa Claus riding a flying reindeer car on Christmas Eve to give gifts. What kind of gift do you want to receive? If you let me choose, I hope it will be a RICH BIT electric bicycle. why? Because I like to ride, electric power can make my riding easier. So, what do you want to do this day? Is it necessary to ride an electric bicycle with a Christmas hat and a Christmas costume?


In the eyes of the Chinese, Christmas is as popular as it is not only prevalent in Western countries. Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas hats, Christmas posters, etc. can be seen everywhere in the streets and all over the place. I will take a camera, take a Christmas hat, ride an electric bike, and capture Christmas photos, streetscapes, people, activities, and interesting things. It’s a pity that everything only stays in the plan and fantasy. On Christmas Day, we have to go to work and work hard.


Here are some of the differences in Christmas culture around the world.



1 United Kingdom

They think that Christmas must be eaten happily. So Christmas dinners are extremely rich, including pork, roasted turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas patties and more. Everyone in the family has a gift, and the gift is given on Christmas morning. Sometimes when choirs sing Christmas songs door by door, they will also be invited by the owner to enter the house, entertain tea or give gifts.



2 France

Go to the church to attend the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Christmas is seen as a benevolent day in the eyes of the French. After the mass, the family reunited with the older brothers and sisters to share the Christmas meal and share the important things in the family for a year. Occasionally, the family is not happy, and often excuses for Christmas gatherings.



3 United States

A free and colorful country, Christmas is the day of their happy carnival. The nation of the United States is complex, so the way it is celebrated often varies from immigrants. Most of the interiors have a chic layout with glamorous garlands and beautiful ornaments hanging from the outside.



4 Italy

Every Christmas, everyone likes to put some models about the birth story of Jesus at home. On the eve of Christmas, family reunion eats a big meal, attends Christmas Mass at midnight, and then everyone visits relatives and friends, but only children and old people get gifts. In Christmas Italy, there is a good custom. In order to thank parents for their education in a year, they will hide their compositions or poems on napkins, tablecloths or plates before they eat Christmas dinner. After eating a big meal, take it out and read it.



5 Spain

Children in the country often put their shoes outside the window or door to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities, boys often have many high-end gifts for beautiful women. “Cattle” is also treated best at Christmas. Because there is a legend in the locality, when Jesus was born, there was a cow who exhaled him and made him warm.



RIHC BIT | Recommend 5 Best Movies About Cycling

rihc bit recommend 5 movies about cycling

Since falling in love with riding, whether everything in your life will subconsciously have something to do with the bicycle. If you eat, you will pay attention to controlling the heat, so that you don’t get fat and climb too tired. If you buy clothes or pants, you will think about whether suitable for Cycling. Buying sunglasses, in addition to the usual wear will also think about whether the bicycle can be used, but also bought a bunch of bicycle-related books and magazines, training methods, biography, as well as photography, the most important thing is to go to watch movies, Which of the following five bicycle-related cycling movies have you seen?


1 Mountain Bike Downhill Movie “Where The Trail Ends” (2012)

The film is also given other names: at the end of the road / at the end of the forest road, This is another pleasing and thrilling movie of Extreme Cycling, telling the world’s top free mountain cyclists, challenging all kinds of steep terrain around the world. Challenge your own limits and the stories of nature.


2 Mountain Bike Tour “Life Cycles” (2010)

The film was shot using a 4K super-high-definition camera, recording the entire process of mountain bikes from creation to disappearance, capturing the unique charm of mountain bikes with a tension-filled lens. Many of the world’s top cycling athletes also participated in the filming.


3 Super Express “Premium Rush” (2012)

The film focuses on a courier story in New York. A young woman living in Manhattan gave a bicycle messenger a letter asking him to send the letter to Chinatown in 90 minutes. When the messenger discovered the secrets in the envelope, he played a race against time in Manhattan, accompanied by a series of flashbacks, the police’s motives, the truth of this life and death bet gradually unveiled.


4 Mountain Bike Riding Movie *ROAM* – The Collective (2006)

This film is the second part of The Collective trilogy, released in 2006. Cycling, beautiful scenery, what else is there? Roam can do more than that. This film crew enters the North African country of Morocco. The rare exotic scenery in the mountain bike film is refreshing, and the mountain bike players bravely and frantically insist on their own. And the story of mountain biker’s bravery and madly sticking to their dreams.


5 The track bike movie “The Flying Scotsman” (2007)

This is an inspirational bicycle movie based on the real story of the Scottish bicycle champion Graeme Obree, which is about the track bike, through which you can get a full picture of the track bike. In 1993, he broke the world record for the cycling one-hour international competition as an amateur cycling enthusiast. The most amazing thing is that his “bike” also represents a very revolutionary innovation – assembled from the parts of a dilapidated washing machine.


If you want to watch more cycling movies, check this link

The 26 Best Cycling Movies of All Time


RICH BIT | E-bike Lithium Battery Maintenance

rich bit e bike lithium battery maintenance

In the use of lithium-ion batteries, it should be noted that after the battery is placed for a period of time, it enters a sleep state. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened. However, the lithium-ion battery is easy to activate, as long as the battery is activated after 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, the normal capacity is restored. Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself, it is determined that it has almost no memory effect.


In fact, lithium-ion batteries, like us, have a water-like heart under the strong appearance. They are afraid of high temperature and rain, and need our effective protection and maintenance so that they can be used for a longer period of time.


1) lithium-ion batteries should be stored in a cool, dry, and safe environment.

2) Avoid placing the lithium-ion battery close to heat sources, open flames, flammable or explosive gases, liquids, which may cause battery leakage, heat, smoke, fire and explosion.

3) If the lithium battery needs to be stored for a long time (more than one month), it is recommended to charge it to 40%-60%. The storage time should be recharged for 1-2 hours per month.

4) The battery must be charged within 24 hours after the battery is completely discharged, and the charging time is not less than 3 hours.

5) It is strictly forbidden to expose the electric vehicle to the sun under high temperature.

6) Charging is best charged according to standard time and standard method, 4-6 hours is appropriate, especially do not carry over 12 hours of ultra-long charging, overcharge and over-discharge will cause huge damage to the lithium battery.

7) Avoid “try to run out of battery power, it is best to use automatic shutdown”, this is wrong, you should charge the lithium-ion battery after each use, more charging.


Other tips for Electric Bike Battery Care

8) Lithium-ion batteries like to stay cool. If you want to make your battery last a long time do not let it get hot, either in discharge or when charging. How to tell if you battery is getting hot? just use the finger test and just put your finger on it. Warm is OK…Hot to the touch is bad and you are shortening the life of your battery when you get it hot.


9) When you get a new e-bike make sure you fully charge the battery per the instructions provided with your e-bike before you ride the bike.


10) Never open an electric bicycle battery. There is absolutely no point in opening your e-bike’s battery to examine and repair the contents. Opening a lithium battery would be very dangerous! Lithium powder is extremely flammable and will combust on contact with oxygen, explosively! If you suspect your battery is faulty or has lost its capacity you will have to return it for testing and then possible repair.


11) As an extra note for the winter season, make sure your battery is above freezing before charging, otherwise you could harm the cells. It is no problem to ride the bike in below-freezing conditions (it doesn’t harm the battery), just make sure you let the battery warm up before charging. When you are riding in very cold weather, you will notice a drop in power and range; this is normal and expected. You can help avoid this by bringing the battery inside whenever you aren’t riding to keep the temperature of the battery up. That way you will get that extra bit of power!


rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 6

The 2018 China International Bicycle Exhibition
was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 6th to 9th. With the theme of “Intellectually Shared World”, this year’s China Exhibition focuses on the cutting-edge technology and product quality of the bicycle industry, showing the infinite possibilities of bicycles for the city, for the health and entertainment of the people, and showing the current high-end bicycle development. New trends in branding and internationalization, showing new achievements in electric bicycles, motorcycles, lithium batteries, lightweight, and fashion.

China is a big bicycle manufacturing country and a big consumer country in the world. According to the data, in 2017, the national bicycle production reached 88.3 million units, the export volume reached 56.404 million units, and the export value was 3.11 billion US dollars. The output of electric bicycles reached 30.97 million units and the export volume was 7.301 million units. The export value was 1.44 billion US dollars. Most of the exhibitors came from China, and 20% of the audience came from overseas. The “internationalization” attribute was highlighted. With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of China’s bicycle industry and the rise of China’s bicycle independent brands, China’s exhibitions can better reflect the “China power” of the bicycle industry in the world.


rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 6 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 7 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 8 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 9 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 3 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 5 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 4 rich bit ebike showed in the 28th china international bicycle fair 2

RICH BIT EBIKE SHOWED In The WORLD’S LARGEST Global Sources Electronics fair 2018

rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 14

Global Sources Electronics 2018

is the world’s largest electronics trade fair. We attended the fair in April 11-14, 2018 at AsiaWorld-Expo in HongKong and comprises two phases – Consumer Electronics & Mobile Electronics. The flagship trade fair of Global Sources, it features 7,500 booths of the hottest electronics products from China, Korea, and other Asian countries.


Shenzhen XinHuaNan Bicycle Co., Ltd

is a professional company, was established in 2013, creating and producing bicycles, mountain bike, electric bicycles, road vehicles, folding bike, and other bicycle products. Our company has built our own RICH BIT brand, with an annual output of more than 80,000 the products are sold to all around the mainland Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia, Britain, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other Regions in the world. New design concept, reliable quality, best selling service, rigorous management, first-class equipments, all the efforts to create “the best quality and innovative Bicycles”. The company rich export experience refining the XinHuaNan strict quality control management system from the technical design, raw material purchase, to the production process, sales system, after-sales service. RICH BIT brand since the date of birth is on the market focus. In the early time of bicycle selling has been widely recognized and praised.


rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 15 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 14 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 13 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 12 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 16 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 11 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 10 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 9 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 8 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 7 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 6 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 5 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 4 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 3 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair 2 rich bit ebike showed in the worlds largest global sources electronics fair


RICH BIT EBIKE SHOWED In The WORLD’S LARGEST Global Sources Electronics fair


RICH BIT | Bicycle Brake With Which Hand ?

should the bicycle brake levers right hand for front or left hand for rear

Braking refers to the act of stopping or reducing the speed of a running locomotive, vehicle, and other means of transport or machinery. The general principle of braking is to fix a wheel or disc on the high-speed shaft of the machine, and install the corresponding brake shoes, belt or disc on the base to generate braking torque under the action of external force. The brake device is also a mechanical brake device that can slow down the speed of the vehicle, also known as a reducer. Commonly used are bicycle brakes, which are decelerated by a lever brake or a disc brake fixed to the frame.


Regarding the position of the brake lever, it is “left front right rear” or “left rear right front”. Different regions and countries have different usage habits. In China, there are clear national standards. Each bicycle should be equipped with two brake systems, one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel. The front brake is on the right and the rear brake is on the left. Most European countries such as Spain, Germany, and France are used to “left front and rear right”, and a few countries such as the United Kingdom are still “left rear and right front”. In fact, “left front right rear” or “left rear right front”, there is not fixed requirements, it depends on personal habits and adjustments.


If there is no special requirement for the electric bicycle exported from our factory, basically the brakes are installed according to the “left rear right front”. Because most people are used to the right hand. But do you know? The right brain is controlled by the left side, and most of the human motor nerves are in the right brain. The left-hand brake lever is designed to cater to the brain’s thinking.


Whatever you do, I recommend being consistent. During a panic stop, your instincts will take over, and if you are used to pulling on one lever, you’ll find that if the brakes are reversed, you are skidding the rear wheel without slowing down significantly. Several of my friends use the “right – front” approach, and when I ride their bikes, I constantly have to remind myself of the reversed brake levers – and hope that I won’t have to stop in a hurry. (This paragraph is excerpted from Bicycle Quarterly‘s “Brake Special” (BQ 26; above).)
See this link:


Other tips about bicycle brake

1 How many types of bicycle brake do you know?

There are three main types: rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. Rim brakes are often used on road bikes, disc brakes are oftern used on mountain bikes.

More detailes, see these links:


2 Do you know any new types of bicycle brake?

Now there is a new type of bicycle brake, it comes with battery-free lighting. This technology is mature, not only bring convenience, but also enhance safety.

Foreign Standards For Electric Bicycles (Pedelec)

foreign standards for electric bicycles

With the constant voice of global sustainable development, environmental protection and energy conservation have become the theme of the times. Low-carbon, low-cost travel tools have become the darling of people around the world in the new era. At the same time, electric vehicles developed rapidly and quickly became popular around the world. In order to facilitate the management of different regions and countries with different management and import standards for electric vehicles, China is the most technologically advanced and export-oriented region. It is very important to fully understand the standards for electric vehicles in various regions. The majority of manufacturers have some of the electric vehicle standards in parts such as the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.


First, the United States

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stipulates that low-speed electric bicycles are classified as consumer products, and electric bicycle products are subject to the jurisdiction of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stipulates that low-speed electric bicycles or tricycles manufactured for commercial use must be equipped with pedals that can be stepped on. The electric motor has an output of no more than 750 watts and a speed of up to 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers). The weight of the whole vehicle does not exceed 50 kg. Compared with other countries, the specifications and restrictions of electric bicycle products in the United States can be said to be the most relaxed, but the definitions and specifications of electric bicycles in different states are different.


Second, Japan

Japan has imposed strict restrictions on the management of the use of electric bicycles. Japan only allows “smart electric bicycles” to go on the road, and has strict regulations on the requirements of “smart electric bicycles”. The specific provisions of the Japanese road traffic law for electric bicycles are as follows:


  • In any road condition, the speed is less than 15 kilometers, manpower: electric ≥ 1, that is, the electric power is not allowed to be greater than the manpower, but the electric power is close to the manpower.


  • In any road condition, when the speed is greater than 15km/h, the power is reduced by 1/9 for every 1km/h increase in speed.


  • When the speed exceeds 24km/h, the electric system of the whole vehicle is turned off.


  • Within one second after the start of the manpower pedaling, the electric assist system begins to be requested, and within one second of the manpower stepping, the vehicle electric assist system is turned off.


  • In order to save energy, the intelligent electric auxiliary bicycle stops running for a certain period of time (usually 3~5 minutes), and the whole vehicle is in a dormant state.


  • It must ensure the continuity of the ride, the power can not be intermittent.



Third, the EU

Electric bicycles are generally divided into two categories in the European Union: electric assisted bicycles and electric bicycles. The so-called electric bicycle that does not require a driver’s license to legally enter the road refers to a power-assisted bicycle with a maximum power limit of 250 watts and a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.


On April 30, 2009, the European Standards Committee officially announced the new electric-assisted bicycle specification EPAC/EN15194, which contains relevant technical specifications and testing procedures. The European-standard electric-assisted bicycle EPAC, which has a maximum continuous output of 250 watts and a speed of 25 km, it must be automatically powered off. It uses a 48 VDC battery or 230 V input power charger.


The safety specifications and test methods of the E-bike’s engine system and charging system circuit set by the EPAC standard. The new EPAC standard is more complex than the previous CEN standard. The main test content has three major projects: EMC, safety and mechanical properties, among which EMC standards compatible with electromagnetic are the most difficult to pass. The EMC standard is mainly to ensure the safety of the driver who uses the electric vehicle, and to ensure that the electronic components of the vehicle are not interfered by the electromagnetic pulse generated by the mobile phone, etc., and the electric bicycle is officially defined as EPAC (Electrically Pedal Assisted Cycle).


The EU tested the EN15194 standard in January 2009, which will apply to 30 countries in the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland , Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Full name of the regulation: EN15194:2009 Cycles Electrically power assisted cycles-EPAC Electric assisted bicycle. This standard applies to electric assisted bicycles that meet the following conditions:


  • The maximum rated power is 250 watts (0.25kw);


  • When the speed reaches 25km/h or stops stepping on, the output horsepower will gradually weaken and finally turn off;


  • The battery voltage is lower than 48VDC or built-in charger voltage 230V



The main test content included in this standard is:


1, Mechanical strength of the whole vehicle EN 14764


2, the design of the circuit and the specifications of the wire used


3, Electromagnetic compatibility (interference and tolerance)


4, battery safety test


5, waterproof test IEC 60529 IP X4


6,working output


7, overspeed and brake power off


8, Body labeling and manual content requirements


Fourth, Canada

Since 2001, the Canadian Federal Security Act has defined standards for electric assisted bicycles (PABs). It is defined as a two- or three-wheeled bicycle equipped with an electric motor of 500 watts or less, and can be stepped on by both feet without power supply. In addition, under the safety requirements regulations, it must also meet the maximum of 32 kilometers, and the manufacturer must indicate that it is an electric bicycle in the obvious body, but the requirements of electric vehicles in each province of Canada are not the same, the following list Requirements of the relevant provinces.


  1. Alberta: The province allows electric bicycles to legally ride on the road, but the maximum speed limit is 32 km, the maximum motor output is 750 watts, the total weight must not exceed 35 kg, and the driver must wear a helmet.


  1. Ontario: The province is one of the slowest roads in Canada to allow electric bicycles to legally go on. On October 4, 2006, the Ontario Minister of Transportation announced that electric bicycles are in line with federal standards before they can formally go on the road, and electric Bicycle drivers must be at least 16 years of age and must wear a helmet and also comply with bicycle regulations. The maximum weight of electric vehicles is limited to 120kg, the maximum braking distance is 9 meters, and the modified motor is prohibited to allow speeds of more than 32 kilometers per hour. In addition, electric bicycles are not allowed on 400 series expressways, expressways or other prohibited areas, under 16 years old. Those who do not wear qualified helmets will be fined 60 to 500 dollars.


Fifth. Australia

The Australian Government’s Motor Vehicle Management Standards Act stipulates that all vehicles on the road must comply with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) prior to listing. The vehicles covered include bicycles and electric assisted bicycles. Its definition is as follows:


1, two-wheel and three-wheeled vehicles.


2, completely trampled by humans to advance.


3, A power-assisted bicycle is a bicycle with pedals loaded with one or more power assists with a maximum output power of no more than 250 watts.


4, An moped is not a power-assisted bicycle. It refers to a small motorcycle equipped with a motor and an engine. The engine cylinder capacity does not exceed 50 CC, and the maximum does not exceed 50 km.


Sixth, India

In India, all electric vehicles must pass the ARAI certification. Electric vehicles with output power below 250W and speeds below 25km are easier to pass, while electric vehicles with larger horsepower need to pass the complete CMVR regulatory test procedure. It is very time consuming and costly, so it has also delayed the market for Indian electric vehicles.


Seven, New Zealand

Vehicles with a motor output of less than 300W are classified as electric bicycles and must comply with the same specifications as bicycles.


Eight, Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is implementing “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong has independent traffic regulations. Electric bicycles are regarded as motorcycles in Hong Kong. They must be approved by the Transport Department for import. No one on Hong Kong’s electric bicycles has passed the audit, so electric bicycles in Hong Kong are illegal. Even if the electric bike passes the audit, the driver must still have a motorcycle driver’s license to get on the road. In addition, there is no so-called light moped in Hong Kong, moped is also recognized as a motorcycle.

How Is A RICHBIT Electric Bicycle Born?

how is a richbit electric bicycle born

Foreword: RICHBIT’s main factory is a professional assembled electric bicycle factory with many years of experience. All purchased materials are strictly controlled and supervised by technicians. The integrated production process of assembly and testing is very mature. The R&D team and sales team with many years of professional experience not only guarantee the high quality export of products, but also provide comprehensive services for customers.


How was a RICHBIT electric bicycle born? Please see the assembly process steps below.


a standard electric bicycle

25 basic components such as frame, tire and seat

And 10 electrical components such as motor, controller and LCD instrument


→Rim preparation

→Pressing bowl

→Front fork installation

→Front wheel installation

→Center shaft, sprocket, crank mounting

→Rear wheel, chain installation

→handlebar installation

→Controller installation wiring

→Wire harness management

→Battery installation

→Saddle, rear reflector installation

→Brake system assembly

→Decals, packaging

RICH BIT | How To Use Bicycle Brakes Correctly

how to use the brakes correctly

If you want to park your bike in the safest way, pay special attention to how to use the front and rear brakes. The general view is that the front and rear brakes should be used simultaneously. This is suitable for beginners who have not mastered the braking skills. But if you only stay at this stage, you will never be able to stop the bike in the safest way at the shortest distance, just like those who have learned to use only the front brakes.


Basic knowledge of bike braking:

1) The brakes control the speed, not just the parking.

2) The front brake has a better braking effect.

3) The brake has the maximum braking effect when it is in the lock, and the braking performance is greatly reduced and the balance is easily lost after the lock.


Many newcomers prefer to use the rear brake lever because they are worried about using the front brake lever, your body shifts forward over the front wheel. In fact, the front brake is safer in many situations, and learning to use the front brake can also be learned quickly.


The front bike brakes have a better braking effect. The control speed is mainly based on the friction between the wheel and the road surface. The friction force is proportional to the pressure applied by the wheel to the road surface. When the front brake is used, the front wheel and the road pressure are strengthened due to the inertia relationship, and the braking effect is increased. The use of the rear brake does not have such an effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure of the rear wheel on the road surface is greatly reduced, and the frictional force becomes very small.


Bike masters use only the front brakes 95% of the time, but in some cases it is better to use the rear brakes.

1) Sliding road surface. On dry asphalt/cement pavements, it is basically impossible to slip the front wheels because of the use of brakes unless turning. But on a slippery road, this is possible. Once the front wheel slips, wrestling is inevitable. So if the ground is slippery, it is the best to use the rear brake.

2) Bumpy road. On the bumpy road, the wheels will instantly leave the ground. In this case, do not use the front brake. If you happen to encounter obstacles, using the front brake will make it difficult for the bicycle to pass through the obstacle. If the front brake is used at the moment when the front wheel is off the ground, the wheel will stop in the air. The consequences of landing with a stalled wheel can be severe.


Under normal circumstances, I do not recommend the use of front and rear bike brakes together, but there are always exceptions.

When cornering, the grip is both braking and cornering (providing the friction required for cornering). The use of front and rear brakes at the same time reduces the possibility of wheel slippage. The more urgent the corner is, the lighter the brakes are. So control the speed before entering the corner. Do not use the brake arms when the corner is very urgent.


Leave a few questions for you to think about:

      1. What are the correct ways of using a double disc brake bike?
        Learn to use front brake lever rather than only use rear brake lever, or using rear and front brake lever simultaneously.
      2. What are bike disc brakes made of?
        There are two types of disc brakes, mechanical and hydraulic, the main difference is the hydraulic version replaces the cables with hydraulic fluid in a fully sealed line.
        It contains brake rotor, caliper, pads, line or cable, about maintenance check this link.
        Here share a short video about how brakes are made, see below.

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RICH BIT | Electric Bike Assisted Sensor

about electric assisted bike torque sensor speed sensor

The concept of green travel, healthy and environmental protection has become more and more popular among people, and the demand for electric bicycles abroad has become increasingly prominent. Electric assisted bicycles are called Pedelec in Europe and America which belongs to e-bike. This is a personal transportation that not only has the lightness and convenience of the bicycle, but also effectively relieve the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind, and load. The most advanced technology in the field of electric bicycles is the torque sensor in the power system, but many electric bicycles are now equipped with speed sensors. So what is the difference between a torque sensor and a speed sensor?


The torque sensor is sensitive and can detect subtle changes with high precision. Speed sensors are often not accurate enough to even measure torque. Real-time control requires a period of about 5 seconds, which can sense changes in force and thus output power. On the whole, the speed sensor has a long reaction time, and there is a significant delay in riding, which affects the riding experience. The torque sensor is a linear output for probing every moment, while the speed sensor has only a few specific levels.


In terms of skill level and riding experience, the torque sensor is superior to the ordinary speed sensor. At present, there are only a few suppliers of torque sensors, such as China BAFANG, Germany Bosch, and Japan Yamaha. The threshold for technology research and development is very high, resulting in low popularity in the country. Therefore, many brands of electric bicycles use speed sensors. What’s more, torque sensor and speed sensor are matched with different motor. Torque sensor comes with mid drive motor, such as BAFANG motor and BOSCH motor and so on. Speed sensor comes with rear drive motor or front drive motor. All of them can perform pedal assist function but different effect.


The advantage of the torque sensor

  1. Linear output, fast response, most of the reaction time is millisecond level, almost zero delay, power with the step.
  2. Basically all bicycles can be installed seamlessly, and there is no need to develop a dedicated frame for them, which reduces costs from both research and development and production.
  3. The impact of the bumps on the road surface is buffered by the toughness and elasticity of the frame. Therefore, the impact force of the torque sensor will be small, the working load is not large, and the service life is long.about electric assisted bike torque sensor speed sensor 2 about electric assisted bike torque sensor speed sensor 1


Leave a few questions for you to think about:

  1. What is the best affordable electric bike kit?
    There’re more choices for your reference if you want to change normal bike to electric bike.
  2. What՚s it really like to ride an electric bike?
    It is exciting and funny, enjoying the pedaling and fresh air. Not only save your time and energy, but also bring you an special experience.
    It is convenient and environmental, because it doesn’t need to consume gasoline like a car and it can park in somewhere easily.
    Here share an article of new rider experience, see website below
  3. How do electric bike components work together?  Compare with normal pure human power bike, electric bike has controller, battery, motor and LCD display, also power assist sensor. When you starts to pedal, the sensor can detect its moveness and send information to controller, and then controller according to your setting on LCD display, will occur related power to activate the work of motor. The process of power assist is very short, and if torque sensor, it will be more precise and sensitive.


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