Q: What exactly is a Pedelec?

A: Pedelecs (Pedal Electric Cycles) also EPACs (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) are bikes with an electric motor that only engages as long as the rider is pedaling. As soon as you stop moving the pedals, the motor shuts off.

A pedelec is legal to ride without a license if the motor switches off when speed reaches 25kph (15mph). Legally pedelecs are treated as bicycles, they’re allowed to be ridden on bike lanes and even obliged to in areas where using a bike lane is mandatory for bikes. We highly recommend wearing a helmet when riding, even if it is not mandatory by law in your country/area.

Q: How do I maintain the bike battery?

A: The battery by our long-term supplier is efficient and long-lasting energy sources. Like all modern lithium-ion batteries they are prone to natural degradation, even when not in use. You can positively influence longevity by storing the battery at temperatures between 0°C and 20°C and charged between 30% and 60% of maximum capacity.

Q: Where can I find my bike’s frame serial number?

A: The frame serial number on many older bikes can be found under the bottom bracket, some are located near the bike headset.

Q: I lost my bike manual, how do I get a new one?

A: All current manuals are available for PDF download on this site’s download area.

Q: What is the maximum permissible weight of a RICHBIT bike?

A: There is indeed a maximum permissible overall weight for all our bikes. It consists of the bike’s weight, the rider’s weight and the luggage carried.
The following maximum permissible overall weight of RICHBIT bikes is as follows:
Fat bike: 250 kg
Mountain bike: 150 kg
Folding bike: 120 kg
If different, the indication ”maximum weight” on the respective model’s page applies.

Q: Can I order bicycle components like battery, pedal etc from the RICHBIT factory?

A: Yes, please contact us and put forward your request. You can find contact method on the page of “Contact Us”.

Q: How can I keep my bike in good conditions?

A: For your safety, check the following points before every ride: – Check all nuts and bolts. In particular check that the wheel quick-releases are well seated and if necessary tighten. – Check handlebar and stem for damage and replace if necessary. – Check brakes for proper function and if necessary adjust. – Check tyre pressure, and observe the maximum pressure ratings printed on the tyre wall. – Check the tyre tread. – Check lighting and safety equipment. – Check that the grips are securely fitted to the handlebars and check for wear. – On bikes with rear suspension, check all threaded fastenings on the suspended parts for tightness, and check for play in the pivots.

Q: Hi there, just wondering if you have to buy the battery separate to the bike? Or does the battery come with the bike?

A: Bicycles and batteries do not need to be purchased separately, we will deliver the battery and bicycle for your delivery. If you need an extra second battery, you need to buy it separately!

Q: Does the bike comes with mudguard and any accessories?

A: Yes. The parcel includes mudguards, a repair tool, a lock, a pump.

Q: Can you use fully electric?

A: Yes. RICHBIT bike normally has 3 operation modes, pure electric power mode, pedal-assisted mode, and pure pedal mode.

Q: When will the bike arrive?

A: The bike only needs 3-5 days to arrive, It will be shipped from our oversea warehouses.

Q: What is the autonomy of the model RT-022 bike in km?

A: This electric bike, once fully charged, can maintain 35-40 kilometers of operation.

Q: Do I need to pay custom duties?

A: No. The bike is shipped form our UK warehouse. No need to pay any other fees.

Q: How do I protect the battery in case of rain?

A: The battery itself is waterproof, but it is recommended to put a protective cover on the outside of the battery in case of rain, so that the battery can not be easily damaged.

Q: Is it equipped with a display with speed and a battery charger?

A: Yes, it has an LCD display and the battery charger.

Q: Is the motor brush-less? What is its average duration in km?

A: It is a brushless motor. Generally it can work over 30km, sometimes it depends on the specific capacity of battery and power of the motor.

Q: How much pressure should there be in the tires?

A: That depends on the tire. Each type of tire has its own maximum pressure rating, depending on the type of tire and its intended purpose. The maximum pressure is given on the sidewall of every tire. Bicycle pumps with pressure gauges are useful. Well inflated tires reduce the risk of punctures and reduce wear – and of course they make riding easier!

Q: How long will the tires last?

A: That depends on the rider and the riding style. Are the tires kept well inflated or not? Do you carry luggage? The manufacturer cannot give a fixed distance rating as there are too many variables influencing wear. Keep an eye on the tire tread and watch out for hairline cracks on the tire side-wall–timely replacement will prevent failure.

Q: When is the chain worn out?

A: It’s impossible to give a definite answer because chain wear is influenced by a number of factors. Some people ride just 100 km on a chain, others make it last 7000 km – it depends amongst other things on your riding style, chain maintenance and on the environment (snow, sand, mountain terrain, contact with salt etc).

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