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The concept of green travel, healthy and environmental protection has become more and more popular among people, and the demand for electric bicycles abroad has become increasingly prominent. Electric assisted bicycles are called Pedelec in Europe and America which belongs to e-bike. This is a personal transportation that not only has the lightness and convenience of the bicycle, but also effectively relieve the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind, and load. The most advanced technology in the field of electric bicycles is the torque sensor in the power system, but many electric bicycles are now equipped with speed sensors. So what is the difference between a torque sensor and a speed sensor?


The torque sensor is sensitive and can detect subtle changes with high precision. Speed sensors are often not accurate enough to even measure torque. Real-time control requires a period of about 5 seconds, which can sense changes in force and thus output power. On the whole, the speed sensor has a long reaction time, and there is a significant delay in riding, which affects the riding experience. The torque sensor is a linear output for probing every moment, while the speed sensor has only a few specific levels.


In terms of skill level and riding experience, the torque sensor is superior to the ordinary speed sensor. At present, there are only a few suppliers of torque sensors, such as China BAFANG, Germany Bosch, and Japan Yamaha. The threshold for technology research and development is very high, resulting in low popularity in the country. Therefore, many brands of electric bicycles use speed sensors. What’s more, torque sensor and speed sensor are matched with different motor. Torque sensor comes with mid drive motor, such as BAFANG motor and BOSCH motor and so on. Speed sensor comes with rear drive motor or front drive motor. All of them can perform pedal assist function but different effect.


The advantage of the torque sensor

  1. Linear output, fast response, most of the reaction time is millisecond level, almost zero delay, power with the step.
  2. Basically all bicycles can be installed seamlessly, and there is no need to develop a dedicated frame for them, which reduces costs from both research and development and production.
  3. The impact of the bumps on the road surface is buffered by the toughness and elasticity of the frame. Therefore, the impact force of the torque sensor will be small, the working load is not large, and the service life is long.about electric assisted bike torque sensor speed sensor 2 about electric assisted bike torque sensor speed sensor 1


Leave a few questions for you to think about:

  1. What is the best affordable electric bike kit?
    There’re more choices for your reference if you want to change normal bike to electric bike.
  2. What՚s it really like to ride an electric bike?
    It is exciting and funny, enjoying the pedaling and fresh air. Not only save your time and energy, but also bring you an special experience.
    It is convenient and environmental, because it doesn’t need to consume gasoline like a car and it can park in somewhere easily.
    Here share an article of new rider experience, see website below
  3. How do electric bike components work together?  Compare with normal pure human power bike, electric bike has controller, battery, motor and LCD display, also power assist sensor. When you starts to pedal, the sensor can detect its moveness and send information to controller, and then controller according to your setting on LCD display, will occur related power to activate the work of motor. The process of power assist is very short, and if torque sensor, it will be more precise and sensitive.


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